Blogging Trend – Is It A Trend Or Not?

There’s been a buzz in the last year over the question of whether or not blogging is a trend. People have indeed found it to be quite trendy, but do you know what trends are? As I’ve had a few interesting conversations about this question, here’s my personal take on it.

The last time I was in a trend panic, I got my son into the trend-tracking game by getting him a Nintendo DS (a popular gaming platform for kids). He’s now 7 years old, and he’s turned his favorite DS game into a blog and allowed me to set up the blogging platform on his blog. This is actually quite a neat trick. I actually had a bit of fun with it, and we found it to be quite funny at first, but then he started running the blogging program and found he was losing track of which sections of his blog were his blog posts and which were blog comments and which were text. It was pretty much impossible to track his activities when he did this because his blog wasn’t labeled for blogging. It was more like a word processor!

Now, if you think about it, that’s pretty much the same thing blogging software is doing for you. It’s creating a second ”blog” and labeling it ”blog,” because blogging software doesn’t distinguish between text and blog posts. What are the two things that are happening here? First of all, there’s the fact that there’s a big difference between ”blog”post.” Once you’ve used a blog platform, it’s almost as if it’s a separate application to your normal desktop application. They use entirely different concepts for navigation and features.

The new blog functions

The second thing that’s happening here is that there is no question at all that blogging has moved from being a once-in-a-while kind of thing to a trend. If you use a blog platform to organize all of your content, it becomes increasingly difficult to be consistent with the text. You’re turning your normal desktop application into a blogging application. So what’s the difference between your normal desktop application and a blogging application? The most obvious is that blogging application is free and is made by you.

However, there’s more than that. All the major software tools out there are now making tools that run both applications. You can use the blog tool as an editor for text and to get things going, and the text tool can be used to format text to match your blogging platform. There’s also a new feature called RSS in which the blog and text can be read from the same feed (Internet service provider), and RSS can be a very useful part of the blog tool. That’s basically all that’s happening with these applications. It’s like you’re adding another function to your desktop application. This type of functionality is one of the reasons why people are getting more creative with blogs and want to add some entertainment value to their blogs. They don’t need any specialized platform. They can just get the text and blog their own platform. While you might think that blogging is dead because blogging tools are so easy to set up, it’s actually a trend because it means that you can develop your own interface for your blog and develop it without worrying about things being confusing or in a state of disarray.

Blogs and WordPress

With a platform like WordPress, you can actually build pretty much anything that you can imagine. It’s a fully-fledged platform that provide everything you’d expect from a blogging application, and it’s completely free. If you don’t need special things, WordPress can help you develop a functional blogging platform that can truly bring you loads of fun. Blogging isn’t dead because blogs are becoming trendy! The trend is that the common software on the market doesn’t let you do more than move your text to the new text box, and you lose all the fun when you do so. Visit for info about blogtrends.